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Composite Doors

What is a composite door?

Fresh, modern and resistant – composite doors use a combination of materials aimed at ironing out the various issues found with more traditional materials. Created with materials including PVC, wood and insulating foam, they are able to provide warmth and protection.

Benefits of a composite door

Do you need a door that protects you from the elements as well as providing safety against intruders? Singular material doors often lack the strength and durability against seasonal changes and weathering. With composite doors, you achieve highly effective protection against the wind and rain, preserving its aesthetic as well as what lies behind it.

 Man walking out of door
 Hinge for composite door

How do they work?

The introduction of composite doors changed the industry, offering a modern design which can be manipulated to suit any area of a house or business space. An insulated foam core provides a high level of thermal resistance making them the perfect choice for front and back doors.

Attractive and effective

One of the most attractive features of composite doors is their appearance. You reap all the benefits composite doors have to offer with the look of traditional wood. Due to the effectiveness of the materials used, the wood grain effect will last for years without fading, and requires minimum cleaning and maintenance.

Composite door leading to patio

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We operate throughout Cardiff, Newport, Caerphilly, Pontypridd, Pontyclun, Barry, and everywhere in-between.

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